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  • Candy Cult is the name of our United Sweets Loyalty Club & it's FREE to join!
  • Simply make an order and join up to receive a $5 off welcome reward.
  • Earn 1 point (Candy Credit) for every $1 spent (For eg: 5pts = $5, 10pts = $10)
  • Earn & save your Candy Credit to redeem online rewards, such as; dollar off gift vouchers, discounts, mystery products, XXL bags &/or free shipping.
  • When you earn your rewards (by collecting enough Candy Credits) you will be notified by email, which will contain a unique, one off code, you can enter into the coupon code box, at checkout.
  • The more Candy Credits you save, the better the rewards get! For eg. 200 points = $20 Candy Credits, but 200 points can also be used to redeem awesome $39.99 Care Packages, $39.99 XXL bags of M&M's, $29.99 XXL Skittles and much more. Twice the reward in half the time!
  • Candy Cult members will receive exclusive discounts and promo deals and become V.I.P.
  • Your $5 off Welcome Reward is valid on any order over $20.
  • Sign up now! -


  1. Online rewards can only be used one at a time, one per order and can't be used with any other discount code offers. This is because you can only enter one code into the coupon box at checkout, per order, no matter what type of coupon code it is. So we recommend you pick and choose when to use them. They can be applied at checkout when (a non code) free shipping is in offer. Any questions please feel free to email us at :)